I have recently made the switch from OSX as my daily to Ubuntu Gnome and it has been largely successful, thanks in no small part to the Lenovo X240 laptop it’s running on. The one thing that I couldn’t do without is Photoshop, and with my inability to get wine running, I resorted to installing windows on a partition… felt dirty every minute too.

While I was able to mount the drive when in Ubuntu, I couldn’t write to it. I kept getting permissions errors no matter what I did. After some serious digging, it turns out that the problem is due to how Windows 10 hibernates… If there is a file in the root of the drive named hiberfile, then the partition is locked, no matter what you do. Even turning off the hibernate function didn’t fix the problem. I ended up stumbling upon this article that talked about using a remove_hiberfile command when the drive it mounted, and that seemed to fix the issue.

Caveat: This will prevent your Windows system from hibernating while you jump over to Linux. For some this may be an issue, but not for me.